Why Live Stream?

If you’re getting ready for your grand opening, holiday event, business anniversary, or any sort of promotional event, a great video production and live stream may be a great way to capture the event. Having a camera crew at your event brings it to the next level-riling up the crowd with the prospect of being filmed always adds a dynamic to the environment. Eager participants will vie to get into the spotlight!

Once the live stream is completed, it can be used as an integral marketing tool for your company. The video can be featured on Youtube, the company website, and almost anywhere for social media use. The video can also be edited to be integrated into a commercial, showing viewers firsthand the engagements you have at your business.

For other events that are commonly filmed, such as little league sports championships, a camera crew can bring out quality and professionalism where handheld family cameras fall short. An expertly done video production for a sporting event, whether it’s soccer, baseball, or a swimming meet, will captivate your cherished memories for years and years.


Simply Stunning Shots

We don't do drab and boring. Our cameras and equipment are set-up to bring life into our presentation of your event. Our expert team always sets up cameras in locations which would best portray the life of the event.


Our team exists to serve you

Our team comes from a highly technological and service oriented background which can only bode well for your event. We're not a bunch of inexperienced nerds, like many of the other companies out there.

We aim to please and always go above and beyond. We're courteous, kind, and understanding and tailor your broadcast to your needs.


- Only the newest.

We only use the newest of the new. By staying on the cutting edge of Technology we're able to provide a broadcast that cannot be found elsewhere.

Gone are the days where the video crew shows up with datavideo switchers manufactured in 2001, SD cameras from 2005,  and other shoddy equipment.

We use the latest equipment and technologies including fiber optic cables to bring you the best service available anywhere.



We come prepared. We always come to an event with a plan, all the technology we need to make the live stream happen, and then some.


Our streaming servers have multiple redundant backups and are located in the same data centers as Apple iTunes and the App Store, as well as Netflix and other big companies. We only have one goal; make your show a massive success.


Veuwr's world-class video content distribution partners and expert videographers will deliver your live stream to mobiles, desktops and tablet devices anywhere in the world. We’ll also deliver video across all major social media channels and your own website, with optional paywalls and virtual tickets. We're also capable of broadcasting up to 32 live cameras mixed together professionally by our production directors in up to 4K or 1080p resolution.

Every event is unique and special and we at Veuwr care passionately about what everything that we do. We put every effort into the steps of the planning and execution of your event. We're also primarily focused on providing the best and most engaging result possible.



We offer the highest quality in video streaming; Events covered can be anywhere from a small wedding to a raging concert with thousands of viewers. Extend your audience with the awe-inspiring reality of live streaming for those that can't make it. Give them the opportunity to be with you and enjoy. Connect with your friends and family in the most revolutionary manner possible. Always feel like someone is missing out on your event? You don't have to feel that way anymore. Let your audience join you and BE there with you!


  • Adaptive bitrate streaming in 4K or 1080p to tablets, desktops and mobile devices.
  • Broadcast simultaneously to a custom embedded player on your website, YouTube Facebook and the maximum reach for your content.
  • Encode to any video format you choose for post production
  • We'll even handle the upload to YouTube, Vimeo or other cloud hosting service or preferred OVP.


  • Our production units fit in perfectly with your current A/V setup and lower costs for your productions.
  • Whether you need a single camera or 32 camera broadcast production unit we’ll scale to your requirement.
  • Our dynamic and engaging production methods let you mix in slides, graphics, video, social media feeds and much much more.
  • Unique camera control systems can give our clients a cheaper alternative to operated cameras. Get a 5 camera production with a broadcast feel at a fraction of the cost.

Distribute to Any Platform Simultaneously

We can stream to any and all of these channels simultaneously

Pay Per View

Stream on Your Site

Facebook Live

Youtube Live



Music Festivals

We Stream...

Corporate Events

Product Launches